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The TotalEnergies card


The TotalEnergies Card is a Safe. Simple. Smart way of managing your fuel expenditure.

SAFE: No Cash. Confidential PIN Code per card

SIMPLE: Quick. Convenient. Itemized billing

SMART: Tailored to meet your specific needs


You are guaranteed of service in over 66 service stations country wide for your fuel and oils. There are two types of the TotalEnergies Fuel Card:

  • Pre paid fuel card

This option allows you to load your card in advance and can be done at TotalEnergies Malawi Head Office and its regional offices.The cards are remotely topped up from the mentioned offices to pick up the credit at any TotalEnergies station.

  • The Post paid fuel card

This option allows the purchase of fuel and services at designated TotalEnergies service stations country wide on CREDIT. In order to offer the credit facility, there is a need to meet our credit vetting requirements .i.e. provide a security deposit in form of a bank guarantee or cash deposit to cover your fuel bill for 2 months.

Customers can use the TotalEnergies Card in the over 66 service stations around the country which are optimally located.

TotalEnergies Malawi Card contact

Victor Chagona

Card Marketing Executive

Card Marketing Executive responsible for Total Card sales and marketing.