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Shop and services

At TotalEnergies Malawi, we offer you more than just fuel for your vehicle. We always strive to make our service stations your one stop location for all your convenient needs.

  Our fuels

In TotalEnergies Malawi Service stations, you will be able to get both petrol and diesel engine fuels. The petrol is a blend mixture of 20% ethanol and pure regular fuel. Learn more about our fuels here.

Bonjour shops

Some of our shops are branded as bonjour. Bonjour is a French customary greeting that means "Good day" and has been adopted as a global TotalEnergies concept that promises a high and consistent level of professional customer service. The concept also offers a product range that has national and cross border appeal as the brands stocked have instant recognisability. This means that customers can depend on the products and service no matter the location of the shop.

  TotalEnergies Card service

The TotalEnergies Card is a safe, simple and smart way of managing your fuel expenditure. With the TotalEnergies Card, you are guaranteed of service in all our service stations across the country. Click the button below and find more about the TotalEnergies Card.

TotalEnergies Card

  TotalEnergies lubricants

TotalEnergies lubricants are offered in all our service stations with a wide range of lubricants products. You are therefore assured that you will be able to find the perfect lubricants for your car. Click the button below and learn more about TotalEnergies lubricants offered by TotalEnergies Malawi.

TotalEnergies lubricants

  TotalEnergies Solar lamps

TotalEnergies Malawi service stations offer a range of solar lamps from mobile lanterns to modular home systems which are carefully selected for their quality and functionalities. Check out the solar lamps offered by TotalEnergies Malawi by clicking the button below.

TotalEnergies solar lamps

Car wash

Our customers can also enjoy the privilege of our car wash services in some of our service stations across the cities and towns of Malawi.

Car care products

The complete range of TotalEnergies car care products will help you cover all your needs in taking care of your cars. Click the button below and check out our range of car care products.

Car care products

Tyre inflating

Some of our Service stations are equipped with tyre inflating service where our customers can inflate their tyres for their safer and smoother travelling.


Different commercial banks have partnered with TotalEnergies Malawi in placing their Auto Teller Machines in some of our service stations. Our customers are therefore offered a convenient way of accessing their bank’s ATMs. Currently customers from NBS, Standard, National, and FDH Banks can access their money at our service stations.

Mobile money services

Some of our shops have mobile money services where our customers can conveniently transact.

Top service

TotalEnergies Malawi fuel attendants are well trained to give our customers a top service when they visit our service stations. For instance, customers are offered a free wind screen cleaning service and under bonnet check.

Services and advice

Quick Service Restaurants (QSR)

Several high-end restaurants are partnered with TotalEnergies Malawi to offer convenient restaurants in some of our service stations. Some of the QSRs are Mugg & Bean, Steers and Debonairs. Learn more about the QSRs by clicking the button below.

Quick Service Restaurants