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Quality and Safety

We are committed to deliver high quality and safety standards throughout our distribution process. We monitor each step of our supply chain regularly to ensure we provide you with quality products and heightened safety.

Fuel quality: At TotalEnergies Malawi, we have implemented strict procedures through our distribution process, and control our products regularly to check out for potential defects as air oxidation or water presence in the products.

Lubricants quality: All our products are certified and delivered in sealed packages.

Controlling risks in service stations: At TotalEnergies Malawi, we work hard every day to guarantee the safety of our customers, through equipments and installations (extinguishers, sand boxes, padlocked fill boxes). Our teams are regularly trained to deal with risky situations.

Road safety

Road Safety is central to our activities. Every day, our delivery trucks carry products to deliver to our customers. So, improving road safety is fundamental and is one of our main objectives. Currently two programmes have been implemented: Road Transport Improvement Program (PATROM) and Road Transport Management System (SMT).

PATROM was implemented in 2003 and was supplemented in 2010 by the SMT. These two programs seek to reduce the number of road accidents by improving the quality of our delivery trucks and training drivers so that they can drive on all types of roads. Additionally, Golden rules focused on driving , are communicated to all our drivers and the transporters that work for us so that we can raise their awareness of the types of behaviour that they should either avoid or adopt.

TotalEnergies Malawi also has the Light Vehicle Policy which provides guidance on the passenger vehicle standards and driver’s behaviour

The programs for both delivery and passenger vehicles help ensure road safety for all drivers at TotalEnergies Malawi.

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